The following statement captures our philosophy on why it is important to work together:

We believe in Ubuntu, the African idea that people are people because of other people. We define ourselves as people who believe in the crucial importance of relationships, of human interactions and particularly of the reality that not only are our human issues interconnected, but that our lives can’t evolve without each other. We believe peace is the only sustainable alternative for all of us.

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Hille Magassa

Welcome to Hille-Magassa & Associates

Hille-Magassa & Associates can help you take full advantage of intercultural diversity and incorporate a human rights lens into your practices. Our customized services in curriculum design (courses and workshop) empower educators and leaders to strengthen their organization, capitalize on diverse talents, find hidden competencies and build stronger teams. We are leaders who support organizations and individuals to develop their capacity to implement sound intercultural practices in communications, partnerships, strategic leadership, board governance,team building, and create inclusive, welcoming and sustainable workplaces. We can help plan and facilitate your forums, conferences, symposiums, education events and program evaluations.

About Us

At Hille-Magassa & Associates we base our bilingual English and French services on over 30 years experience in educational programming and organizational development in Canada and overseas. Our services and training modules are grounded in practical, global and local field experiences working with diverse communities. We have an approachable and personal style – we are fun to work with!

Check out Bridges to Canada, our new Associate providing assistance to international clients, under What We Do and Who We Work With.